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A Granddaughter’s Question

A Friend’s Comment

A Wedding Reception or A Buffet?

Harry Potter, Blue Jays...

I Choose You

Namaste and Luke 7

Core Essentials

The Red Pill Versus The Blue Pill

Rivers of Living Water

Was Jesus A Shaman?

Stepping Out of The Boat...

What Is A “1”?

The Other Choice

5 Mindfulness Trainings

14 Mindfulness Trainings

Native Indian 10 Commandments

The 10 Invitations

Just 5 Words

Did I Drink The Kool Aid?

A Letter To Friends

Clearing Up Misconceptions

What Is The Mark?

A Mindless Void

A Spiritual Moron

Words In Red - Literal?

I Dreamed A Dream

Be Ye Perfect

Where Do You Get Your Concept of God?

What in Hell Is Going On?

What If I Have It All Wrong


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A Granddaughter’s Question - If it was real back then Grandma, if it really happened, could it happen today, could it happen in my world and in my life? Grandma, could I do something like that?

A Friend’s Comment - When I attend church I seem to end up with more problems in my life...”

A Wedding Reception or a Buffet? - Some religions are a restaurant. You sit down and they bring you what they’re serving for dinner. Paganism is a buffet. If you want to eat, you have to get up off your butt and serve yourself.

Harry Potter, Blue Jays, A Newsletter from New Mexico, September 9th, 2009 and the number 524 - Harry Potter and Blue Jays were two parts of what appears to be a series of synchronous events that have been occurring in my life over the past couple of weeks.


I Choose You I have been told that I need to have faith in God, which is a good thing. But I am learning that God has faith in me.

Namaste and Luke 7  I was discussing the possibility that the parables contain this wonderful road map that will lead us into a true and real experience of the kingdom of God in our lives, whether Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, etc.

Core Essentials Have we traded in the spirituality of Jesus for a religion about Jesus?

The Red Pill versus The Blue Pill Salvation isn’t about changing destinations for eternity. It is about changing ourselves for eternity!

Rivers of Living Water What are these “living waters” and why do they come out of the “belly?” Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. God had already provided the answer before I had come up with the question.

Was Jesus a Shaman? “Shamanism is not a religion. It is a spiritual discipline that can be used in conjunction with any religion... Shamanic teachings were sharply curtailed and then expunged under the controlling rule of Christianity”

Stepping Out of the Boat of Ordinary Reality If, for no other reason, it  would be an interesting weekend because normally I am the one teaching or leading the gathering and this weekend I would simply be one of the participants and this subject was so far outside my comfort zone, I knew that I was definitely going to be challenged. (This is the follow up article to Was Jesus A Shaman?)

What Is A “1?” It was so "devastating" that at one point in her recovery, her mom was re-teaching her daughter, Jill, the neuroanatomist at Harvard, basic math, and by basic math I mean 1 plus 1. At one point, Jill turned to her mom and asked her "What is a 1?" Can you imagine a brilliant research scientist not comprehending what a "1" was?

The Other Choice Have you ever held a 15 week old baby (from conception) in your hands? I have!  3 very special days. This is the story of our time spent with our 8th grandchild, Owen Kristopher Meloche.

5 Mindfulness Trainings Two thousand five hundred years ago, the Buddha offered certain guidelines to his lay students to help them live peaceful, wholesome and happy lives.

14 Mindfulness Trainings The world would be much better off if these principles were practiced by mankind.

Native Indian 10 Commandments I have come to realize that no one has cornered the market when it comes to God, spirituality, wisdom, etc.

The 10 Invitations   #1 You  are invited to love yourself, others and life without condition - trusting that, in an evolving Universe, everything is unfolding perfectly.

Just 5 Words Here is Jesus’ "doctrinal statement" as far as I can see -- Love God and love others!

Did I Drink The Kool Aid? I wrote the following in response to an e-mail I received that  included a “warning” about Eckhart Tolle.

A Letter To Friends I got an e-mail and subsequent phone call which included the question, “Was your web site hacked into?” I am sure the person asking the question was hoping that I would say yes. Although it was disappointing to them, I had to tell them “No, it wasn’t.”

Clearing Up Misconceptions A friend  of mine came up with a new personal statement of faith that I really like... "God IS, and so AM I". I took it and flopped two words for my personal statement of faith...  "God IS, and so, I AM." Along with that we also like "I am an experience  God is having... and so are you!"

What Is The Mark? It is transforming from dysfunctional human beings  controlled by an egoic self into true human beings manifesting the very  image of God. It is knowing who you are to such a degree that nothing truly rocks your boat and if the boat is rocking too much because of  others, you just might get out and walk on the water.

A Mindless Void So you can say whatever you want, but you have now entered into a mindless void and a spiritual nether-land of uncertainty. From what you are telling me,  you have nothing that is worth pursuing.

A Spiritual Moron Hence I have no problem seeing you as a spiritual moron. (Notice I said "as" without actually calling you one.)

Words in Red - Literal? As to the "sun will be darkened, stars will fall to the earth, and the powers of heaven shaken" ---- this is to me a wonderful example of Jewish apocalyptic writing. I don't take these phrases as "literal" but allegorical such as "all hell broke loose" or " it is raining cats and dogs."

I Dreamed A Dream A “frumpy angel” brings a message that touched the hearts and spirits of the world.

Be Ye Perfect This is what we read in the KJV “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” but what if we look into the Aramaic and end up with this - “Be fulfilled in all of your selves, know them until they cease to know themselves, grow with them until they outgrow themselves in a reborn, “I am.” The Knowing, Growing, Parenting of the cosmos completes itself through you.”

Where Do You Get Your Concept of God? A journey from the “written word” to “the living word”


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