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From Doug’s Desk - How Would I Label Myself Now? In 2002 we visited Israel. While shopping in a store in the Jewish Quarter, the store owner asked me what I would call myself..

Selfishly Devouring the Beauty of Life - "You are here in an environment to explore the art of selfishly devouring the beauty of life."

I Want to See The King - Nirvana is something within you. It is not an external reality... God is within the self. God is virtually inseparable from ourselves

Why The Name Wings 2 Fly? - Dream the right dreams, then dance the dr
eams awake...

What The Hell is Hell? - Did Jesus really teach that God woul
d punish people in hell forever?

Knowing God - “... when I seek to put my understanding of t
his God into human words, my certainty all but disappears. Human words always contract and diminish my God awareness. They never expand it.

Was Jesus A Shaman? - Jesus: Was
He… Son of God, Son of Man, Prophet, Priest, Healer… Shaman?

Native 10 Commandments - I have come to realize that no one has cornered the market when it comes to God, spirituality, wisdom and t

Hopis & The Missionaries - “They all came with that fixed idea that the poor, barbaric Indians had to be saved.”

Born Again - Salvatio
n isn’t about escaping hell. It is the process of becoming the image of God!

Mystic Celts Beat Columbus - More than fifteen centuries
will pass before the sandstone engravings will be found on the high plains of southeastern Colorado ....

Namaste, In Lak’ech Ala K’in,
Mitakuye Oyasin - A Hindu Greeting, A Mayan Greeting and a Lakota Greeting....

Tell Me Child, Are You A Christian? - Some of my friends are like Muriel in the song and they are asking me if I see myself as a Christian anymore..

Concentration - In Concentration we tried to
match prizes so the puzzle could be revealed. In life I am going to suggest to you that we need to match the situations, events and circumstances in our lives to those things that are covering up our perfection...

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