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From Doug’s Desk - You Must Be The
Change You Want To See In The World - Ghandi

A King, A Bathroom, A Cave - When Did We Forget That We Are To Love Even Our Enemies?

A Tibetan Story - The Dance Master - The Dalai Lama knew that the Master of Kung Fu needed more than anything to know himself. Once the Master of Kung Fu arrived, it is fascinating to note that not once did the Dalai Lama utter a negative word about this man’s behaviour or actions. He did not argue, debate or berate the man and dare I say this…

At The Very Heart of Jesus - I think we can all agree that Jesus
now comes in a rather impressive variety of flavors....

Has The Bible Been Hijacked By Fundamentalism? - What happened to all of those diverse groups of “Christians?” As time passed they were given a new name, “heretics!”

The Parables - A Life Sentence or a Live Boat - Parables are a time-release method for you who don’t understand and who are in the wilderness of your souls,
waiting to hear the invitation to come home...

A New Look at The Lord’s Prayer - Abwoon d’bwashmaya are the Aramaic words that the King James Bible translates as “Our Father Which art in heaven.

A Message From 110 Years Ago - At the moment there are two things about the Christian religion that must be obvious to every percipient person; one, that men cannot do without it; the other, that they can not
do with it as it is...

No More Tuna Fish Sandwiches - When Is A Fo
od Not a Food? - When did a peanut butter and jam sandwich become a weapon?

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