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In this section you will find links to those internet sites that have blessed us. Please note that we may not agree with everything on these sites and in no way are we suggesting that they would agree with everything, or for that matter, anything on our site.

The sites are very diverse but that is simply a reflection of our spiritual journey. Not that it really matters but most of these sites would have been “taboo” a few years ago and recommending them would have seemed sacrilegious. My oh my, how things change. Spirit has led us to people and places we never thought would be part of our life and we are much richer for it. In this newly discovered freedom we can experience God in lots of people and places that we would never have looked previously.

Dyer02Wayne Dyer -    

The integrity and spirituality Kelly and I saw in Dr. Dyer created in us an openness and willingness to explore other spiritual views. He has authored many books and they are all terrific.

Tolle03Eckart Tolle -             

Without embracing any  specific religious faith, Eckhart’s books can truly help someone experience personal transformation in a very deep and powerful way. His book, “A New Earth” had an enormous impact on my own spiritual transformation. Though I can’t imagine Eckhart Tolle had any intention regarding this, “A New Earth” is about the best commentary on certain parts of Romans Chapter 7 I have read.

Walsch05Neale Donald Walsch -                              

Author of several books including the series, Conversations With God, Neale is one of my favourite authors. There is a movie of the same name as well depicting Neale’s personal story that led to the writing of Conversations With God.

m17wsc02Maggy Whitehouse -                                                     

Maggy has found a way to combine Jesus, kabbalah, abundance and a whole lot more. Kelly and I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Maggy in person but look forward to that day coming.

ndkwist0802Neil Douglas-Klotz -                                                                                                                               

I have read two of Neil’s books, Prayers of the Cosmos and The Hidden Gospel. Neil explains the words of Jesus based upon the Aramaic language brilliantly. An absolute blessing for those seeking a better understanding of Jesus.